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MBTX CHILI COOK-OFF - December 8th

Welcome to the Inaugural MBTX Chili Cook Off. We Texans all love a good Ole Bowl O' Red. But, We're Open to New Things. Now We're Offering Prizes for Those of You Who Can Blow our Panel Away with Your Own Bowl of Chili. Beans. No Beans. Doesn't Matter. Good Stuff Wins.

Open to the Public. To participate in the tasting, tickets can be purchased at the brewery on the day of the event for $5. If not, roam around and have fun. 

MBTX will be open for participants at 10 A.M. on day of event. The brew house will be open for participants to set up. You are also welcome to prepare your Chili offsite & bring to the pub. Chili MUST be ready for judging by 1:00 P.M. *

($10/Team: due the day of event) 

Rules for TEAMS:

  • 4 Members/Team

  • Must Have Team Name

  • Single Entry- One Team/One Entry

  • To guarantee table space please bring your own

  • 5 Quarts of Chili Required/Team (Roughly one Crockpot)

  • Teams must be at MBTX on Day of Event by 10:00 A.M.

  • No Shellfish or Crustaceans of ANY KIND will be allowed

  • No NUTS

  • A FULL list (amounts not necessary) of ingredients used in your chili must be printed and displayed at your table

Popular vote (@ 1:00)
Official Judge vote (@ 3:00) 
Awards announced (@ 4:00)


  1. MBTX Chili Cook Off Trophy and $100 MBTX Gift Card

  2. $50 MBTX Gift Card

  3. 2 Free Crowlers of MBTX Beer

If you're interested in participating as a team but have further questions, please email Carl at OFFICE@MBTX.COM with the SUBJECT TITLE: "Chili".