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Live Music Frank Iarossi Sunday 11 August 2019

Born in Albany, N.Y., Frank's  father, Frank Sr. worked three jobs, one being a professional alto sax player, so music was a major part of his life from a young age.  

Although his Dad played Jazz and Pop, Frank was enammered by The Beatles and Rock'n Roll!   Starting on piano at the age of seven, then guitar at the age of eleven, and adding drums at the age of thirteen.      

By the time he was on drums he was into The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, C.C.R., Deep Purple, The Stones, The Who, and Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young.  For some reason Frank was able to sing  with no effort on whatever instrument he was playing which greatly contributed to his songwriting skills.

After graduating High School in the San Fernando Valley, CA., Frank moved to Alaska to work for his uncle delivering heating fuel.  However, in 1974,  Frank began full time music career.     

Frank was able to adapt to play many styles from Rock to Country to Jazz which made it easy to find work in Alaska, Canada, and the Lower 48 states.  Frank also worked as a session player and writer in that time frame at Arctic Studios in Anchorage, AK.  

In 1975 Country Entertainer Jack Reeves recorded three of Frank's original songs (co-written with Terry Lee Hardesty) on his album Wabash Cannonball.  The album also featured the Palimino House Band (JD Maness, John Hobbs, Curtis Stone, Archie Francis) on backing tracks .  

In 1982 Frank  co-wrote and recorded an album with Alaska's premiere Rock band Tytus Canby, but the album was never released.   In 1992 Frank wrote and  recorded the album Wildfire/Surviving and Thriving with along with his best friend and fabulous musician/singer/songwriter Harlan Gamble.  

In 1994 Frank recorded the first of three solo albums, The Word Is Love.  In 2005 he recorded Where Are You Now?, and in 2012 he recorded A New Day.  Frank's  songs have been played on several radio stations including KYAK 107.5 and KNBC 90.3 in Alaska, and on Sun Radio 100.1 Austin, TX.

Frank continues to write, record, and perform at many places around the South Central Texas area.